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The Next Generation in Structured Cabling

Access Control Solutions

FiberConNext’s Core Services:

❖ Access Control Solutions [BRIVO]: As a Brivo Access Control partner, we offer cloud-hosted access control systems that are customized to meet your organization’s unique security needs. Here’s how our tailored solutions can improve security and perational efficiency:

➢ Cloud-Based Access Control: Our access control systems leverage cloud technology, allowing you to manage and monitor your security infrastructure from anywhere with an internet connection. This flexibility enables remote access to system controls, real-time monitoring of access
events, and instant updates to access permissions, enhancing overall security management and

➢ Customized Security Solutions: We work closely with your organization to understand your specific security requirements, including access control policies, user permissions, and integration with existing security systems. By tailoring our solutions to address your unique needs, we ensure that
your access control system aligns with your overall security strategy and objectives.

➢ Scalability and Flexibility: Our cloud-hosted access control systems are highly scalable and flexible, allowing you to easily adapt to changes in your organization’s size, structure, and security needs. Whether you’re expanding your facilities, adding new users, or integrating additional security features, our solutions can scale to accommodate growth and evolving requirements without extensive infrastructure upgrades.

➢ Enhanced Security Features: Our access control systems offer a range of advanced security features to protect your facilities, assets, and personnel. This includes multi-factor authentication, activity logging, real-time alerts, and integration with video surveillance systems. By combining these features, we provide comprehensive security solutions that help prevent unauthorized access, mitigate security risks, and respond effectively to security incidents.

➢ Operational Efficiency: In addition to improving security, our access control systems are designed to enhance operational efficiency within your organization. By streamlining access management processes,
automating routine tasks, and providing actionable insights into access patterns and trends, our solutions help optimize resource allocation, reduce administrative overhead, and improve overall operational


➢ Compliance and Reporting: Our access control systems support compliance with industry regulations and security standards by providing robust reporting and auditing capabilities. You can generate detailed access logs, audit trails, and compliance reports to demonstrate adherence to regulatory requirements and internal security policies. Our partnership with Brivo enables FiberConNext to deliver tailored security solutions that meet your organization’s specific needs, improve security posture, and enhance
operational efficiency.

❖ Access Control Solutions [OpenTech Alliance]:
Utilizing OpenTech access control solutions offers several significant benefits, tailored specifically, for the self-storage industry:

➢ Breakthrough Technology: OpenTech access control solutions represent cutting-edge technology designed to meet the unique needs of self-storage facilities. These solutions incorporate the latest advancements in access control hardware and software to provide reliable and secure access management.

➢ Comprehensive Features and Support: OpenTech access control solutions offer a comprehensive suite of features to meet all your access control needs. From gate keypad hardware and software to installation, warranty, and ongoing support, OpenTech provides a complete solution package

➢ Freedom and Flexibility: OpenTech access control solutions offer the freedom and flexibility to customize your access control system according to your specific requirements. Whether you need to upgrade existing hardware, implement new security features, or integrate with other systems, OpenTech solutions provide the flexibility to adapt to your evolving needs.

➢ Exclusive Design for the Self-Storage Industry: Unlike generic access control systems, OpenTech solutions are designed exclusively for the self-storage industry. This specialization ensures that the features and functionality of the system are optimized to meet the unique challenges and requirements of self-storage facilities.

➢ Local Expert Support: OpenTech access control solutions are backed by a network of local access control experts who are available to provide support and assistance whenever needed. Whether you require technical support, training, or onsite assistance, OpenTech’s network of experts ensures that help is always within reach. Overall, by choosing OpenTech access control solutions, self-storage facility owners can benefit from breakthrough technology, comprehensive features and support, freedom and flexibility in system customization, and exclusive design tailored specifically for the self-storage industry, all backed by FiberConNext, your local access control experts.